Churn Creek Retrievers
Rough Seas With a Pinch of Salt JH - Stormy



 Stormy’s sire (FC AFC Small Craft Advisory) retired from Field Trials after accumulated 140 All-Age points and qualifying for 8 National events. His dam is Yardley Labs Ms T-Maxx QAA. Misty is currently competing in All-Age field trials. Stormy is an extremely loving pet that would climb into your lap if you let him but really wants you to throw items to retrieve. He constantly carries around bumpers, balls, sticks, or other items looking for someone to play with. He gets along well with children and other dogs. Stormy is a seasoned hunter and has retrieved hundreds of ducks and geese and is a true gentleman in the hunting blind. He is quiet, steady, and honors other dogs. His best days this year included a solo teal trip with a limit of 12 birds while standing in the open corn. He also shared several goose hunts with other dogs with limits up to 24 birds. He easily completes multiple marks and runs phenomenal blinds. He received his first Junior Hunter pass at 8 months of age and completed his Junior Hunter title at 11 months of age. He is very steady on the line, does complicated double marks out to 150 yards, and runs blinds extremely hard out to 200 yards.  From the stress and anxiety of the hunt test scenarios he began to bark at the flyers.  He does not exhibit this same reflex while hunting.  Stormy is actively training toward his Senior Hunter title.  As of June 2014 he has earned 1 Qualifying score.


Avaliable for Stud  - Stud fee is $500.

Date of Birth July 6, 2009

Health Clearances - OFA Hips Good, OFA Elbows Normal, EIC Clear, and CNM Clear, CERF clear.

Negative Brucellosis test required.