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Churn Creek Retrievers
Stormy x Nellie 2014


5 puppies were born on February 2, 2014.  The parents have the desired traits of being friendly house dogs and experienced hunting dogs.  These traits and an early introduction to hunting environments should produce calm, athletic, and healthy puppies with a strong desire to retrieve. 


Sire: Rough Seas with a Pinch of Salt JH - Stormy is a 4 ½ year old, 85 pound, beautiful muscular black male with a classic “blocky head”.  He has completed his AKC Junior Hunter Title and has passed an AKC Senior Hunt Test.  We have not entered him in any hunt tests the last 2 years but have resumed training to compete in the future.  He is an excellent waterfowl hunter and great family dog.  He is extremely steady hunting geese and ducks from blinds and open impoundments.  Stormy has pin point marking ability and a good memory that allows him to complete multiple marking scenarios.  His advanced training is demonstrated by his ability to complete blind retrieves out to 250 yards.  He has a calm disposition in the house but is extremely focused and full of energy around birds and/or bumpers.  Both of Stormy’s parents competed in AKC Field Trials.  His sire, FC AFC Small Craft Advisory (Rough), qualified for 7 nationals and needed 0.5 points in 2011 to qualify for his 8th before he abruptly retired due to injury.  Rough earned 140 All-Age field trial points during his career.  Stormy’s dam is Qualified All-Age Yardley Labs MS T-Maxx.  She has several placements in AKC derbies and Qualifying Events but never entered All-Age competitions.  She also passed several AKC Senior Hunt Tests early in her career.  Stormy hips are rated OFA Good, elbows are rated Normal, and eyes are rated Normal.  He is CNM and EIC clear. 

Dam: Chevy’s Lil Nell of Fair Hope - Nellie weighs 75 pounds and comes from a long line of Eastern Shore hunting dogs. Many of the dogs in her pedigree belong to waterfowl guides and avid hunters and have retrieved several hundred ducks and geese in their lifetime.  Nellie continues this tradition having hunted waterfowl for several seasons.  She is an energetic family dog who is good with people and other animals.  She travels with her owner daily in his truck around the farm when she is not hunting. She has a strong desire to retrieve and play when not hunting.



       Quinn Family - Chestertown, MD                   Steele Family - Church Hill, MD                   Squares Family - Chestertown, MD                     Martx Family - Bellefonte, PA PAx xSquareuare 



                               Rebecca & Pete - Abingdon, MD

See weekly pictures of the puppies at http://nellieandstormy.blogspot.com/