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Reba x Soul 2021

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We are excited to announce a yellow/fox red litter due in January 2021.  This pairing should produce some beautiful puppies with good health, strong work ethic, and loveable temperaments.  Pups from this litter should be capable of performing well in hunt tests. They should also make outstanding hunting dogs and companions around the house. While both parents are quiet in the house and good with children, these pups should be highly athletic and are unlikely to be suitable for families that will not provide them with basic training and lots of exercise. Pups are covered by a 26-month guarantee against genetic problems associated with hips, elbows, and eyes as well as a general guarantee that they are in good health at the time of delivery. Pups will receive early neurological stimulation. They will have dew claws removed, be vet examined and have initial shots and preventative deworming medication.  They will be well socialized with children, adults, and other animals. They will be exposed to birds, water (weather permitting), loud noises, crates, collars, and travel in vehicles.



Topend's Heart'N Soul QAA MH- Soul is, to my knowledge, one of the only yellows at stud whose parents are both National Field Champions. He has 15 National Champions in the first 5 generations of his pedigree and over a dozen ancestors inducted into the Retriever Hall of Fame. He has brains, ability, and drive—yet he is one of the nicest house dogs and companions you could ever ask for.  Soul is 7 years old and weighs about 80 pounds.  He is owned by Ryan Sayers at Old Town Retrievers in Eastville, VA.  He is registered with the AKC, CKC, and UKC.  Soul’s Health Clearances:  OFA Hips: LR214801E28M (Excellent), OFA Elbow: LR-EL67943M28-VPI, Eye CERF/CAER: LR-EYE13540/58M-VPI, Cardiac: LR-ACA608/58M-VPI. OFA D LOCUS: LR-DL996/58M-PI, EIC – Clear (LR-EIC4487/58M-PI), CNM – Clear (LR-CNM1991/58M-PI), DM: (LR-DM895/58M-PI), HNP: (LR-HNP583/58M-PI), RCD4 PRA: (LR-P4-5/58M-PI), PKD: (LR-PK91/58M-PI).


Churn Creek's Red Haired Country Girl SH earned her Junior Hunter Title in October 2015 and her Senior Hunter Title in November 2015.  Reba has a beautiful fox red coat and weighs 70 pounds.  She has an extremely laid-back personality in the house and at hunt tests but very stylish when performing.  She is solid on the line and has never flinched or broke while performing or honoring in training or at tests.  She is an incredible marker and runs blinds with confidence. Reba is very quiet and calm in the house but energetic during training or hunting scenarios.  She has hunted water fowl for 5 seasons.  Reba's mother is D&S Benelli's Mae Dayz MH and her sire is Medal of Honor QA2.  Reba's Health Clearances:  Hips rated OFA - Excellent (LR-218396E24F-VPI), Elbows OFA - Normal (LR-EL70929F24-VPI), Eyes OFA - Normal ((LR-EYE8679/24F-VPI), EIC - Clear (LR-EIC3177/24F-PI), CNM - Clear (LR-CNM1037/24F-PI).


1.  Brandon Blankenship                              Male


2.  Dave Schreck                                         Female

3.  Rick Grabosky                                        Female