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Pirate’s Ellie of Churn Creek MH


The search for our next female dog took us across the United States.  Ellie comes from Lyle Steinman at Castile Creek Kennels in Stewartsville, Missouri.  Lyle is well known for his success in the Super Retriever Series which is televised on ESPN and is equally successful in AKC Hunt Test qualifying about 20 dogs each year for the Master National Hunt Test.  Ellie’s dam (Calypso Maybe I'M Amazed) competed in Field Trials, Hunt Tests, and the Super Retriever Series.  Her sire (FC AFC Land Ahoy) comes from Oregon and competes in Field Trials on the West Coast.  He has accumulated over 173 All-Age Points.  He was the 2009 High Point Open Dog, 2008 and 2010 National Amateur   Finalist.  Ellie acquired her Junior Hunter Title in the fall of 2011 by passing 4 tests in less than a 1 month period.  She earned her Senior Hunter Title in July 2013.  Ellie earned her Master Title in July   2015 at t  he Western New York Retriever Club  summer hunt test  .  She is rock solid on the line, an incredible marker, and runs challenging   blinds with incredible speed.  She runs blinds as hard as she does marks.  She is lightning fast and overcomes any obstacle   presented.  She has a small muscular frame and weighs 60 pounds.  She is very quiet and calm in the house but truly has a switch of adrenalin when the bumpers or ducks come out.  She lives to retrieve and does not know the definition of the word “quit”.   

DOB October 8, 2010                      

Color Genetics - BBEE (Black - does not carry yellow or chocolate)

Health Clearances -OFA Hips - Excellent, OFA Elbows - Normal, CERF - Normal, EIC Clear, CNM Clear 


Churn Creek's Red Haired Country Girl SH


Reba came from D & S Retrievers in Kutztown, PA.  Reba is 58 pounds and has a calm disposition with a beautiful fox red coat .  She is extremely birdy and loves to swim.  Reba earned her Senior Hunter Title in November 2015 and will continue training toward her Master Hunter Title.  Her sire's name is Medal of Honor “Valor”.  He is a fox red retriever that became Qualified All-Age in his first Qualifying event as a 2 year old.  He has an outstanding pedigree and is currently running All-Age field trials.  Reba’s dam is D & S Benelli’s Mae Dayz MH “Ellie”.  Ellie is a very laid back dark yellow female that earned her Master Hunter title in the summer of 2014.

DOB December 18, 2013

Color Genetics - BBee (Yellow, carries black, no chocolate)

Health Clearances - OFA Hips - Excellent, OFA Elbows - Normal, OFA Eyes - Normal, EIC Clear, CNM Clear  


Churn Creek's Southern Addition


We wanted to find the best pedigreed chocolate puppy available.  After several months of searching we found a litter from Michael Young in North Carolina and selected a female.  Addy is 62 pounds with a beautiful head and chocolate coat.  She is extremely birdy, loves to retrieve, and swim.  She gets along great with other dogs and is calm in the house.  Addy is currently training to hunt waterfowl but has not entered any AKC Hunt Tests yet. Planning to begin competing in 2021.  Her sire's name is AFC Brink's Buster Brown QA2.  He is a chocolate male that has earned the Amateur Field Champion (AFC) with 18 points, and has collected 5 points toward his Field Champion Title (FC) title including a win at 3 years old.  He has an outstanding pedigree of black and chocolate field trial dogs many earning FC and AFC titles.  Buster is currently running All-Age trials.  Addy's mother, is Ten Bears Reese Puff MH.  She earned a MH title and has a long lineage of black and chocolate FC and AFC dogs including some of the most famous chocolate field trial competitors ever including the only chocolate dog to win the National Field Championship, NFC AFC Storm's Riptide Star.  Addy continues to show the strong desire to retrieve and hunt that has been breed and trained into her pedigree. 

DOB May 26, 2018

Color Genetics - bbEE (chocolate, will produce black but not yellow)

Health Clearances - OFA Hips - Good, OFA Elbows - Normal,

OFA Eyes - Pending

EIC - Clear

CNM - Clear

Degenerative myelopathy - Clear

Hereditary nasal parakeratosis - Clear

Macular Corneal Dystrophy (Labrador Retriever Type) - Clear

Progressive retinal atrophy - Clear

Progressive rod-cone degeneration - Clear

Retinal dysplasia/Oculoskeletal dysplasia 1 - Clear

Skeletal dysplasia 2 - Clear