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Churn Creek Retrievers
Honey x Rough 2013


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Puppies earning titles from this litter:

Churn Creek Retrievers Raven JH - Robert Bunai, June 2014


10 puppies born on January 14, 2013


 Puppies earning titles from this litter:Puppies earningClendaniel’s Gale Warning JH  - John Savage October 2012 Pu 10 puppies


This is the 3rd breeding between Honey and Rough.  The first litter was born in March 2010 followed by a May 2011 litter.  Several puppies from these litters have excelled in competition.  Of the 4 dogs that went to hunt test homes, 3 have earned Junior Hunter titles and the fourth has accumulated 2 Senior passes.  One additional dog from the 2010 litter won the 2011 North American Shed Hunting Dog Association (N.A.S.H.D.A.) Amateur and the Junior Championship. 

Rough is a 10 year old, 80 pound black male that qualified for 7 nationals and needed 0.5 points in 2011 to qualify for his 8thbefore he abruptly retired due to injury.  Rough earned 140 All-Age field trial points.  Rough’s sire is FC AFC Teddy's Ebonstar James who accumulated 92 all age points at the age of 6.  He qualified for 5 nationals and was the youngest dog at the 2000 National Amateur Field Trial and a two time National Amateur finalist. Rough’s dam is FC AFC Dutchman's Gold Midnite Eve.  She accumulated 68.5 all age points and was a 2 time National qualifier.  Rough has OFA Excellent Hips, Normal Elbows and Eyes, and is CNM and EIC clear. Rough has one FC sibling and three QAA siblings. Several offspring have derby placements and hunt test titles.   

 Honey is a 5 year old 68 pound yellow female that is the daughter HRCH/GMHR-II/UH Silverbrook Amazing Sparkleboy MH and MHR Silverbrook’s Mustang Sally.  Honey is tall, long, muscular, and lightning quick and is always eager to hunt, retrieve, play, or snuggle. She is quiet and calm in the house and gets along great with other pets. She loves children and is very gentle. In the field she is focused and eager. She has been hunting geese and ducks for 5 seasons and easily picks up multiple marks, retrieves to hand, and is steady at the line. She retrieves blinds with hand singles and whistle commands.  Honey earned a Junior Hunter Title in 2009.  She continues to train regularly for hunting but has retired from hunt tests.  Honey’s hips are rated OFA Good, elbows and eyes are Normal and is CNM and EIC clear. Based on parentage, all puppies in this litter will be both CNM and EIC Clear.


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