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Churn Creek Retrievers
Ellie x Rev Litter

7 Puppies Born July 25, 2014 - Sold Out 

See updated pictures of the puppies at this link - http://ellieandrev2014.blogspot.com/ 





   +FC AFC F FC AFC Rev Blue Genes is a beautiful 80 pound male that has proven himself to be a great worker in the field during competitions, but also has an off switch to relax in the house.   Rev's Sire, FC AFC The Preacher MH has 32.5 FC points and 62 AFC points.  Rev's Dam, FC AFC Rubie Begonia has 33.5 FC points and 117.5 AFC points.   Rev’s littermate, AFC Son of a Preacher Man, has 44.5 All-Age points and was a 2012 NARC finalist and qualified for the 2013 NARC.  Rev also has a full sibling from a repeat breeding in May 2010.  Aarrow was the 2012 High Point Derby Dog (76 points) and won an Open Field Trial in 2013.  Rev’s hips are rated OFA Excellent (LR-184323E24M-VPI), Eyes are CERF normal (LR-56562), EIC Clear (LR-EIC690/19M-VPI), and CNM Clear PIV.  Rev has sired multiple litters.  His oldest offspring were born in April 2010, and several have derby points and Qualifying placements.

Rev's accomplishments to date (May 2014):

57 derby points (was the #4 Derby Dog of 2009)

Qualified All Age at 2 years old

Earned AFC title at 4 years old (38.5 points)

Earned FC title at 5 years old (28 points)

Qualified for the 2012 and 2013 National Amateur Retriever Championship (NARC)

Finalist at the 2013 National Retriever Championship (NRC) 


Pirate's Ellie of Churn Creek SH is currently running AKC Master events.  As of June 2014 she has accumulated 3 qualifying scores toward her Master Title.  She will resume competitions in the fall of 2014 after this litter.  She earned her Senior Hunter title in July 2013.  Ell  Hunt TestHunHunt EliShe isSShe iShe is solid on the line, an incredible marker, and runs challenging blinds with incredible   speed. She runs blinds as hard as she does marks  . She   is lightning fast and overcomes any obstacle presented. She is very quiet and calm in the house but truly has a switch of adrenalin when the bumpers or ducks come out. She lives to retrieve and does not know the definition of the word “quit”.  Check out some of her videos on our Hunt Test Page. Ellie's hips are rated OFA Excellent (LR-202082E28F-VPI), Elbows OFA Normal (LR-EL57874F28-VPI), Eyes OFA Normal (LR-EYE1117/29F-VPI), EIC Clear DDC Case # 31500, DNA ID # 53562, CNM Clear DDC Cast #31499, DNA ID# 53562. 


Pups from this litter should be capable of performing well in hunt tests and field trials. They should also make outstanding hunting dogs and companions around the house. While both parents are quiet in the house and good with children, these pups should be highly athletic and are unlikely to be suitable for families that will not provide them with basic training and lots of exercise. Pups are covered by a 26 month guarantee against genetic problems of hips, elbows, and eyes as well as a general guarantee that they are in good health at the time of delivery. Pups will receive early neurological stimulation. They will have dew claws removed, be vet examined and have initial shots and preventative deworming medication.  They will be well socialized with children, adults, and other animals. They will be exposed to birds, water, gun fire, crates, travel in vehicles, and collars.  


Female Puppies

1.  David Dvorak - Lewes, DE 

2.  Stanley Watkins - Annapolis, MD  (femal)

3.  Tommy Howes - Dunkirk, MD 



 Male Puppies

1.  James Oxford - Mechanicsville, VA

2.  Richard  Grimaldi - Coventry, CT  

3.  Scott Just - Yaphank, NY 

4.  Keith Gertsen - New Canaan, CT