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Churn Creek Retrievers
Breeding Program


Breeding dogs is a serious process that takes a lot of knowledge and a good plan to produce great dogs. We breed dogs to produce healthy, intelligent puppies that will have good temperaments and the potential to excel as field trials, hunt tests, or hunting dogs. All puppies will come from genetically sound titled breed stock carefully chosen to pass on desired traits. All puppies will conform to AKC breed standards for size and color.

At Churn Creek Retrievers we have been fine tuning our breeding and puppy rearing program for several years. During the first 8 weeks of life, puppies will be introduced to everything they will encounter in life. This is an important time in a puppy’s development and can have a dramatic effect on how successful a puppy will be as it grows. Our program includes early neurological stimulation, introduction to people and small children, large groups of people, loud noises including gun fire, introduction to other dogs, water, and birds. The puppies will begin to eat supplemental food after their eyes open and will be eating solid puppy food prior to going to the new homes.  Puppies will be swimming, retrieving thrown bumpers, and carrying birds.  All puppies will have dewclaws removed, receive vaccinations, preventative deworming medication, microchips and will be certified to be in good health by a veterinarian at time of pickup. When you purchase a puppy from Churn Creek Retrievers you receive a lifetime of advice for health issues and training support.


The following items are included in the purchase price of our puppies:

  1. Full unlimited AKC registration paperwork
  2. 26 month Health Guarantee to include genetic diseases of the Hips, Elbows, and Eyes
  3. Microchip inserted and paid lifetime enrollment in AKC Companion Animal Recovery Service
  4. Puppies will receive preventative deworming medication
  5. First series of vaccinations and medical records to take to your vet
  6. Dew claws removed
  7. 3-4 days worth of puppy food
  8.  Sales Invoice


Giving the pups a head start (all videos are with 6-7 week old puppies)

Playing with duck

Puppy retrieving duck

Introduction to live pigeons

Puppies learning to swim